zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Van kleitafel tot GSM (en verder)

Even tussen door: een visie op de toekomst van mobiel internet. Bekijk de video en vraag dan jezelf af hoe oud je je voelt als je denkt aan je GSM:

  • Teenager: Able to carry a conversation with your girlfriend or boyfriend on one phone, and at the same time with your best friend on the other phone.
  • Twenties: You can easily take your phone out and send messages with out looking at it.
  • Thirties: You make use of a QWERTY keyboard. Send a lot of messages.
  • Forties: Okay with sending and receiving text messages, but your messages are very short. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses.
  • Fifties: Able to read text messages but don’t send them. You call back instead.
  • Sixties: Your phone annoys you. You take it to your child and say, “It’s doing it again. Can you make it stop, the stupid envelope blinking?” You do not know how to read a text message.

PICNIC '09 - The Next 4 Billion from PICNICCrossmediaweek on Vimeo.

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